We are a tertiary sector university college located in the centre of Oslo, Norway. We have nearly 2000 students, with about half of these taking our online courses. We teach within the fields of health sciences ( which includes foundation of medicine, medical biology, nutrition, anatomy, physiology and tropical medicine) and social sciences (psychology, peace & conflict studies and international studies).


Research at Bjorknes University College

Our faculty members conduct research within the areas of basic medicine, nutrition, psychology, peace and conflict and international studies.

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Courses in English

We offer courses in English within two areas; tropical medicine (for qualified doctors and nurses) and peace & conflict studies (for undergraduate students looking for a 3-month study abroad experience in the Fall in Oslo).


Trainings and short courses

Through our daughter company, Oslo Analytica, we provide teaching and training across our wide areas of expertise, spanning from singular lectures to several weeks’ intensive in-depth courses via our policy research and consultancy subsidiary. Our courses make use of modern teaching techniques and communication technologies, and may include visits to relevant institutions. Through the mother company Bjørknes University College, Oslo Analytica has access to the state of the art distant learning system/platform (Qybele), which may be used for bespoke courses for clients with staff dispersed at various geographical locations. Oslo Analytica also provides trainings in both qualitative and quantitative research methodology, including sampling strategies, interview styles, information gathering, data-processing, verification techniques, analysis and presentation.

Oslo Analytica offers ‘hands-on’ and skills-based courses in Programme and Project Management (PPM), Conflict Management in Practice (CM) and Building Successful Partnerships (BSP).

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How to reach us

For more information about Bjørknes University College, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at info@bhioslo.no


Visiting and postal address:

Lovisenberggata 13
N- 0456 OSLO, Norway
Tel: +47 23 23 38 20
E-mail: info @bhioslo.no
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